Different thickness levels can greatly affect the overall texture of certain frozen beverages, and you’ll need to figure out if you need a slush maker that has different thickness levels. This is especially true if you will be using it regularly and often. The Multi-Freeze Sencotel GB220 commercial slush machine is our best seller. Cleaning up Nostalgia’s slush maker is also much easier than it is to clean most other slush makers. There are hardly any slush makers that can be taken on the go. Vat: £2,034.00 . There are no temperature controls or anything else that can alter the kinds of slush type beverages you can make with it. The problem with most of the more appealing margarita machines is that they have next to nothing to offer in terms of capacity. Whether you are planning to blend up the perfect slushy, smoothie, or frozen cocktail, it's important to know what sort of slushy / granita machine will best serve your needs. While something like this is fine for a store or other high-volume establishment, it is less than impressive in a home or low-volume establishment. serving uses 4.8 oz. This option also allows you to offer a variety of different cocktails rather than being limited to one specific drink per tank of granita. When you select a slush and smoothie maker, you need to ask yourself if it will be easy to clean the machine after using it. Think of a slushie drink as a somewhat frozen beverage. Thickness adjustment settings for most slush makers are negligible with no noticeable differences in the thickness. Resembling a cup, its freezer core will literally transform any mix that is placed into it into a frozen beverage. Millions of Mr Slush® drinks are sold each year. Setting up a slush maker outside is much different than setting one up inside. 9 oz. First, it contains four small tanks for mixers for whatever liquor you want to mix it with. When sugar dries up and hardens, it can be very, very difficult to clean. While it may seem like common sense to know when a tank or bowl is completely full, it does help to know when a tank or a bowl is at its max capacity. commercial 2 * 15L tanks Margarita frozen drink frozen Beverage making machine ice slush machine slush frozen drink maker cooling slushie juice making machine … 3.8 out of 5 stars 11 CDN$ 1,780.00 CDN$ 1,780 . While this is an average capacity, this means it can only serve medium sized crowds. The ice materials in slushie drinks are somewhat smoothed out, giving it a smooth texture while also being very cold. Bunn ULTRA-2 Commercial Slush Machine (4.6 / 5) Bunn Ultra 2 Slush Machine is one of the most popular slushie machines you can buy, with it’s two large 3-gallon hoppers it’s the perfect choice for anyone hosting a large gathering. Number of Servings Per 5 Gallon Bag in Box Syrup. Highly cost effective and leads to huge business opportunities. It reaches temperatures as low as 28.4 degrees to 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes for a solid amount of versatility. Realizing slush and frozen drink function in one, this powerful and practical machine is a great choice for drink shops, cafes, restaurants, kiosks, outdoor markets, etc. 4. Just like most traditional slush machines, it will be able to make a variety of drinks just the same. Based in Lancaster, PA. WebstaurantStore is the largest online restaurant supply store servicing professionals and individual customers worldwide. When you purchase one of these devices and get it put in, you need to be aware of a few things and keep them in mind. A colder frozen beverage can often appear a lot more thick than those that are not as cold. Whenever anybody thinks of a slush maker, they think of nothing more than a boring looking machine that has next to nothing to offer in the aesthetics department. Amazing Flavour range. 2020 popular citrus juicer press, full xxxl, grinding machine for food, grain grind trends in Home Appliances, Tools, Home & Garden, Home Improvement with Commercial Slush Machine and citrus juicer press, full xxxl, grinding machine for food, grain grind. And if the settings do yield a difference, the settings affect all of the tanks in the machine. Solid Slush Machine. of syrup, costing approximately $0.20 per cup, 24 oz. Additionally, more sugar means a slower freeze time, but not enough sugar will result in a coarser beverage because the ice crystals are larger. 2 x 10Ltrs twin tank slush maker with up to 3 years on-site parts and labour warranty. This results in nearly hundreds of different options when it comes to mixing drinks. Commercial slush machines are found in many convenience stores around Canada. This guide will help you choose the right equipment, mixes, toppings, and accessories that your concession stand needs to get started! Having one more option for a beverage may not seem like much, but anybody who owns any kind of establishment that serves frozen beverages knows how valuable options are. The drip pans will need to be emptied constantly if it gets regular use, as they are not deep enough compared to the capacities of the tanks. Superior quality stainless steel evaporators ensure fast refrigeration. The only real drawback to Omega Juicers’ slush maker is that the three tanks are less than optimal in their capacity. Learn More. Slushy machines can be used to blend frozen coffees, … These units feature a reservoir to hold powdered product mix and automatically combine the mix with water inside the machine to save on refilling time. True to its brand name, it looks like what most smoothie dispensers may have looked like in the days of old. If you are only make one type of beverage for yourself and maybe a small group of people, you could probably get away with using a machine with just one temperature. They also have a re-sealable cap to ensure freshness. Consider offering free refills on your fountain drinks to encourage more cost conscious customers to order something more than water. Happybuy Commercial Slushy Machine 400W Stainless Steel Margarita Smoothie Frozen Drink Maker... Slush Machine- Slushie Machine with Two 15L Tanks, 110V and 60Hz, Make the Perfect Fine Ice... Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker, DM3000. Selling slushy products can be extremely lucrative. serving uses 1.8 oz. Although it is well constructed, Happybuy’s machine will not be easy to clean. Nostalgia’s slush maker changes all of this. The mixed drink maker comes with a comprehensive list of cocktail recipes. The tanks are removable, which makes cleaning the tanks themselves as well as everything around the tanks much easier than other slush machine tanks that cannot be removed. Our fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding customer service make WebstaurantStore the best choice to meet all of your professional and food service supply needs. Or maybe check out our frozen beverage … Most slush makers resemble one or more tanks of mix that get emptied into cups, similar to a soda fountain. If you are looking for a slush maker that is ideal for large crowds, you’ll probably want to select a machine with larger tanks. During the hot summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a deliciously refreshing slushie. SLUSHIE: A slushie is a drink composed mostly of fine ice crystals; It is an uncarbonated beverage that is made by freezing a non-carbonated juice or other liquid; Most commonly made with water and a colorful syrup. of syrup, costing approximately $0.09 per cup, 12 oz. In this case, you’ll want a machine that has varying thickness levels. How long does a 5 gallon bag in box last? Zoku’s slush maker is perfect for anybody who wants to enjoy a slush type beverage on the go without needing to go to a place that contains its machine type counterparts. The tank directly detaches from the base, making it very easy to clean. Commercial Cold Beverage Juice Dispenser Iced Stainless Steel 9.5 Gallon 2 Tanks Then the iPro slush machines are your best choice. This is really useful if you want to make different kinds of frozen drinks in each tank. Use this bag in box system guide to determine how many servings you will get from our 5 gallon bag in box soda system. Italian made Stainless steel chassis and panels Efficient, just 850W Easy to clean and maintain Life-time support Premium Italian made slush machine, twin tank 2x10Ltrs. Slushie Frozen Drink Machine Bunn O Matic ULTRA-2 PAF Black and Stainless Gourmet Ice System with 2 Hopper - 120 Volt -- 1 each. Slush makers tend to struggle when making alcoholic drinks. If you intend to make both slush drinks as well as smoothies, you’ll want to obviously choose a machine that can make both beverages well. Also, the mixed drink maker does not really make significantly large cocktails. The bottom part of the maker is designed to only fit glasses that are right around 5 inches in height. Syrup and water costs less than prepared foods and soda fountain glasses are a great place to print your logo and slogan. Blue Ice Cream Machines 29,565 views. The output of your machine will vary widely depending on the manufacturer, the type of unit you purchase, and other factors like the type of recipe you're making and whether or not it contains alcohol. All of a sudden your shop gets bad reviews. This is much more impressive looking and much more compact than the traditional slush maker. Happybuy 15L x 2 Tank Commercial Slushy Machine 110V 400W Stainless Steel … It has settings for six different frozen drinks, so versatility is not sacrificed with Margaritaville’s slush machine in the slightest. The kind of slush maker that Omega Juicers offers contains not two bowls, but three. It’s no secret that most slush makers are not impressive to look at. First, it has thickness settings for each of its two tanks. Containing two 12 liter tanks, you’ll be able to place any kind of mix into these tanks and not worry about refilling them for the entire day. Margaritaville’s slush making machine adds a little bit of style to making frozen beverages. Our focus is your convenience – order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How can we improve it? This is very useful if you are hosting a crowd who enjoys a diverse amount of frozen beverages. Not everything is equal when it comes to these machines, and certain machines specialize in slush drinks and other machines specialize in making Frozen Drink. You’ll also want to know what kinds of frozen beverages you’ll need to make. Find the Top Commercial Slush Machine with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2020 Special Price Excl. In most machines, the mix is stored in a tank or a bowl where it gets processed through a series of piping mechanisms that cools the mix. Many of them can only make a few drinks at a time, making it stressful to serve drinks to many people. The best commercial slush machine on the market? Thanks! Make sure to consider these options with the peak period of your busiest day in mind. The iPro slush machines are equipped with a powerful refrigeration and sturdy … of syrup, costing approximately $0.24 per cup. [ADVANCED QUALITY]- BPA Solid Slush Machine is a high-capacity cheap margarita machine in which you can make smoothies and slushies from any type of drink and also you can make use of this best commercial margarita machine for many purposes such as household use, in your own bar, or in a … Most slush makers that are designed for large establishments usually have two tanks or bowls. East London, London. This is because it is fitted with a powerful 0.5 horsepower motor with the ability to make the best consistency slushies. Rust-less and durable for long-time use, allowing an easier cleaning and less complicated maintenance. The broadened mixing stirrers reduce sediment and stir drinks 360-degree. By storing your mix in the walk in cooler you can allow your machine to produce drinks faster because it doesn't have to cool the liquid before freezing. Some machines are equipped to handle alcoholic products. The chart below provides a general guide on how to determine what machine will match your production intentions. This could greatly affect the quality of the frozen beverages you are serving out of it, to where they may lose thickness or not be as cold as they could be. Icee drinks use ice crystals in their processing, which gives it a more crunchy texture. Receive coupon codes and more right to your inbox. Additionally, Zoku’s shake maker takes some time to “charge.” in order for its freezer core to work properly, you’ll need to leave it in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Even worse, Nostalgia’s slush maker does not contain the amount of options that other slush makers possess. Check the manufacturer's manual to determine if your machine is qualified to serve dairy. To clean Happybuy’s slush machine, you’ll need to do one of two things: Either use some kind of brush to clean the inside parts of the tanks and dispensing spouts, or take the tanks apart somehow and clean them that way. Zoku’s slush and shake maker changes all this. Serve frozen slush drinks, smoothies, and frozen cocktails with our high-performance commercial slush machines, restaurant margarita machines and granita machines. Containing a wide margin of variable temperatures, you’ll be able to use it to make any kind of frozen drink. In that case, you’ll still want a machine that can make both smoothies and slush drinks. of syrup, costing approximately $0.16 per cup, 20 oz. On/off switches are located on the side of the machine and on the front of it, but there are no other settings for it. Adorned with the Coca-Cola logo and containing a retro looking sign that reads “delicious and refreshing” at the top, Nostalgia’s slush maker will turn eyes whenever anybody sees it. If it melts, it will often resemble the liquid that existed before it was frozen. You will also not need to worry about capacity at all with Happybuy’s machine. If you'd like to offer your customers frozen cocktails but don't want to put liquor in the machine, you have other options. However, if you believe you need to make many types of frozen beverages for a lot of people, you’ll almost need your machine to have adjustable temperatures. Think of a slushie as sherbet ice cream that is not completely frozen. Features & Details [45L SLUSHIE MACHINE]- With three tanks (15L/4 US Gal per tank), this frozen slush machine can hold a great number of slushies. serving uses 2.4 oz. In fact, most of the time, these two traits work together. If you are looking for a slush maker that can make smoothies or beverages like it, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The broadened mixing stirrers reduce sediment and stir drinks 360-degree. There is no set number of servings but if you follow the formula below you can get a rough estimate of how many drinks you would get from one 5 gallon bag in box. And along with the different kinds of machines come all kinds of different features. Because there are so many different configurations and styles available, it's important to understand what is available to find the best ice maker to suit your business's needs. 1/2/3 Bowl Option Call Today: 1300 324 111 A: As mentioned earlier, the major difference is in the texture. You'll be refilling your machine less, while producing more beverages at a time. While it is a good choice for the home or maybe a very small establishment, it is ineffective in the environment of a larger establishment. Product Description: When buying a commercial slush machine for your business, durability, and toughness is a must since these machines cater to customers and many people, … Happybuy Commercial Slushy Machine 400W Stainless Steel Margarita Smoothie Frozen Drink Maker... Buy On Amazon. Certain machines are certified to serve dairy-based products, but they require a more involved cleaning routine. You’ll be limited to only being able to make 32 ounces of slush type beverages with Nostalgia’s slush maker, however. Something else that Margarita Girl’s slush machine possesses is an air compression that protects the mix inside of the bowls from freezing too much. The mixed drink maker is perfect for small social events that call for a very quick way to make cocktails. The blending jars are easy to clean and so is the rest of the maker when compared to other slush makers. Not all frozen beverages are created equal, and nothing sets them apart more than different thickness levels of the beverage. A: The answer to this question largely depends on how big the machine is, what kinds of beverages it can make, and what kinds of features the machine has. Over the years we have expanded our selection of commercial equipment and wholesale supplies to include healthcare, educational, food, beverage, office, parts and hotel supplies. This means you actually need to plan when you want to make your frozen beverage. Serving margaritas just does not feel right when the slush from the mix comes from an unimpressive looking slush machine. Featuring a 500-watt powerful compressor for rapid cooling. US Solid’s machine is also easy to clean. Some manual fill machines can even be converted to auto fill using these kits. Sencotel GHZ114FF Granitel Single Bowl Slush Machine Sale Special Price $2,312.20 $2,102.00 Old price $2,409.00 $2,190.00 The mixed drink maker only has one specific purpose: Making cocktails. 1. For higher quantities of product, you may want to consider a bag-in-box mix. This buying guide will help you choose the right machine for your business! It also has an LCD display next to each tank that will tell you how cold each tank is. Our premium branded solution ensures that a Mr Slush® retailer has the highest specification slush machine, serving the tastiest frozen iced slush drinks, while making the highest margins. Once you’re ready to serve a customer, simply pull on the unit’s handle to open the non-drip faucet for easy dispensing. While this provides some kind of variety among the kinds of slush and smoothie type beverages that can be served from these machines, there is always room for more variety, especially in establishments that see a lot of volumes. However, just because the voltage is doubled doesn't mean that the output is also doubled. Frozen Drink or Slush type drinks and smoothies take a certain amount of sugar to make. The deluxe model is equipped with a 12-litre slush tank while … Each tank of Bunn’s slush machine holds 3 gallons. If you are running an upscale adult hot spot, frozen mochas and cocktails are sure to be crowd pleasers. With hundreds of thousands of products available and millions of orders shipped, we have everything your business needs to function at its best. You’ll need to deal with heat and humidity levels that you may not witness when using one inside. If you want a slush maker that is designed for commercial use, look no further than Happybuy’s slush maker. Bravo Italia’s slush machine has settings for each bowl, but these settings also fall short of the settings that are seen on other slush machines of its kind. Orders placed on 23rd December 2020 will be delivered on a next working day service (Services may be limited with couriers). It’s very close to having an automated bartender. of syrup, costing approximately $0.12 per cup, 16 oz. Not only does a slushie machine effectively merchandise your frozen drinks, but it also uses augers to continuously mix contents to maintain your beverage’s texture and consistency. If you are not planning on serving a lot of beverages through your slush maker and you get one that has too large a capacity, and you’ll wind up throwing out a lot of the ingredients that go into the slush maker. serving uses 4 oz. If you are looking for a slush maker that can make slush type beverages for more than one person, do not even bother with Zoku’s shake and slush maker.
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