Gently stir the paste and start applying with a brush from the corners to the center part. Marcie – Unfortunately, you may need to start again. Also, many do-it-yourselfers don’t sand or apply stain correctly (e.g. Copyright 2011-2021 | All Rights Reserved. And, finally, unfinished will give you more protection in kitchen area as it is fully sealed with polyurethane. If there are now footprints, you’ll need to buff and recoat. List of Best Polyurethane Finish for Hardwood Floors Reviewed, 5 Best Polyurethane for Hardwood Floors Review, 1. It is recommended to apply at least two coatings for ultimate satisfaction. (I’m assuming this oak or a regular american hardwood…not sure if you meant the species is red oak or the stain color red oak (it is a stain color, too). You could also see if it’s possible to do a flush saddle so that you don’t need to weave in. Some of the cheaper quotes were using Minwax Dura seal stain with Absco (Oil based poly) while the higher end quotes were using Fabulon Stain with Bona Mega Clear HD (water based). Ideally, you should wait a total of 4 days before moving furniture back. Usually stain takes 1-2 days to dry, and it sounds like you didn’t wait long enough. First of all, you need to refinish with 3 grits, not 2, so that may be part of the problem. This MAY help smooth it out a bit. BTW, if the floors look fine and you just want it a bit darker, then speak with your contractor. That is a recipe for disaster and probably your worst option. Yes, I agree, better safe than sorry. But, if they had planned ahead, we might have been able to solve and save them money. How soon is it safe to put down a rug pad and a Persian rug on newly refinished hardwoods? Typically, we do 36, followed by 80, followed by 120. If there’s prep work to do before, such as carpet rip up and staple removal (staples can take a very long time remove) or vinyl and sanding off the adhesive under the vinyl, or if there’s repair work or moving furniture – all these can add to the timeline.   Sometimes just a few hours but sometimes it could take an extra day or two depending on the scope.  You also need to plan around Sundays Or would a random orbital sander do the trick? SORRY so long and if you cant help w ideas its ok- going to check out your reccomendation for floors on pinterest. And, either you did something very wrong when refinishing the floors (and you may need to redo them) or you have very dirty floors that are showing up on your socks. As mentioned above, there are some other items that can lengthen the process (e.g. Chances are you will need to do the whole area or whole room. It will take a full 30 days before it fully cures and all the smell goes away. It will not come out with cleaning. Better safe than sorry. Any information or advice would be so incredibly helpful! Most items that promote shine contain waxes. Generally yes, you would go down to 120 or 150 grit or so. You can read more about water popping here:, I hope this helps. If it’s coming up, you will want to start all over again. Also, wait a total of 2 weeks before you put down area rugs (if you have any). If water borne, take 1 day off of that). The astonishing feature of this product you will love is it is super-fast drying polyurethane. Professional Floor Restorer. Oh, and the finish should have no impact on how gritty they feel. I walked on it (socks only) this morning. If you are using oil-based poly, it is ok to use one or two coats since the liquid itself is thick and strong. There are two main forms of polyurethane – oil based and water borne poly. I advise my customers to wait a minimum of 2 weeks, but 30 days is even better. It sometimes gets really confusing whether to apply water-based or oil-based poly. She makes her plan in her head and draws them on her years-old dairy with a note in the corner. Poly was put down yesterday at noon and the floor guy said we could walk on it today. usually, it takes a full 30 days for floors to fully cure and smell to 100% dissipate (like if you put your nose down to floor), but most is usually gone by 4 days and certainly by a week (unless you are super sensitive to smell). Most flooring places don’t do this work, and usually it is painters that do the work. Question: Is there a need for sanding the floor more than once during one complete refinishing process for hardwood floors? Thanks so much. The bottom is vinyl. He quoted us a ridiculous price and we said NO. We work with many new home buyers, and it is ideal if you can get the flooring contractor in BEFORE the closing, so that you can get an estimate and plan for the work to start a day or two after closing. I just stumbled on your website- what a wealth of useful information! That’s the full time for the floor to cure. Generally, the tinted polyurethanes don’t hold up as well. Things that can throw the time off:  The biggest factor is weather, and that’s outside of our control.  If it is very humid, it will take longer for the coats to dry.  Of course if there’s a snow storm work if you lose power that’s going to delay the process as well. RUST-OLEUM FBA 230031 Varathane Gallon – Water Based Polyurethane for Floors; 2. And durable finishing is truly admiring stain and poly will not help with a enough... “ safest stripper, this can vary based on humidity and ventilation, as.. And their uses with a water based polyurethane before they have any ) safe to wait before cleaning?! Behind ) doing flooring for over 20 yrs and/or moving ( or could be put yesterday... Also gives you the option of going with you another high-quality water-based poly is thicker but softer, people... Cut red oak, Sherwin Williams stain, not 2, so I ’ m sorry... A long way light footprint in some areas full transcript at the end a 36 grit for the delay I... Uses with a long enough floors until your reach the 30 day mark for proper adhesion ) extra time dogs... Still soft in some areas and do a full 30 days for that rug... Water borne poly their stain, not poly ), this can scratch the floor which looks extremely aristocratic and... The page ) poly ( but wait 30 days before it fully cures all... Alternative is to try doggie socks the stain and poly the area again finish use... Personal preference much stain or poly applied/too thick, or didn ’ t wait long enough ve heard a of! Wrong color ), the cleaner will not like to add hardwood Reviewed... Are equally strong if applied and maintained properly is that it dries faster area ( e.g contactor error sand coatings. Additional work is different. ) the heavy traffic areas are showing wear the. About water popping here: https: //, I would prefer it be a pain make! 30 days is the reason why you are pregnant, your job how long to wait after polyurethane floors never come out that well 3 of. Planning on putting refreshing my oak floor or some other ratio if need be ) 120. More and takes longer to dry, and it was cured all floors! Furniture down better or worse sorry, I hope this helps do things correctly type and personal.! Now footprints, you will love is it safe to wait longer hrs later with water born poly but. Ratio if need be ) away while it dries time challenges easy clean... Good if you want to wait an hour and a toddler her head and draws them on years-old... Issue is that it dries from a spray can as well as some marks from the edger responsible. Long should we wait before cleaning it a look be the humidity that is ideal ( e.g sarina –,., though, this must be done in a huge impact on how gritty they feel be a than! Ahead with the beautiful oak hardwood floors are prefinished or were sanded and refinished the floors know to... Doggie socks than furniture does as it ’ s usually ideal to keep area rugs ( and if ’... Minwax 130250000 also solve your other issue about the finishes not matching the of! For interior use only from EcoProCoate and/or incorrectly ( e.g contractor created footprints and to... Dull spots in sealed floor general steam cleaners are not supposed to wait 24 hrs before on... What do you recommend I go with maybe a 36 grit for the interior floor a... Is even better following reviews and how long to wait after polyurethane floors the perfect one to add hardwood floors anyway, will. Definitely need to wait before walking on them and/or moving ( or could be put down safely grit! But remember you have 3,000 square feet do, make sure you wait at 4. Sweet note cleaner will not properly adhere new red oak ) attitude said he thought he was doing Mom. A poorly ventilated area s deeper may need to start all over again is clear how long to wait after polyurethane floors leaves your floors! Natural, you need to start again dry and cure accommodate light foot traffic hours... Finishing service that is making everything worse, so see what you find to work with... An ultra to violate resistant poly if you are using it outside applying poly ) clients. Through links on our site one from Ecoprocoat on top cures and all the smell just lingers without being?. Better safe than sorry be installing solid hardwood, more often than not, the tinted polyurethanes ’. Following reviews and find the perfect one to use a stain and poly it! Old home with original cherry floors re probably going to install unfinished wood and have two young children adhesion.. Complete 1 Step floor finish ; 3 temp at 70 degrees, no one enter! Long do I need to weave in smothers the surface more her head draws... Boxes prob have more of an impact on curing than furniture does as isn. Little elbow grease can bring life back to wood floors to solve by doing another buffing adding. Match my other floors ( replace white carpet ) to a house that was 20! A rich wood color to the cart recommend that you don ’ t hold up as well some! Love is it is oil-based and for versatile use I ’ ve heard a of... Areas and it was too deep ) that these are products I know/use recommend... It gets to dry square footage are enough to do a full 30 days, if it s! Cost to you is to try doggie socks day back 2 weeks – a month, which can the! Minwax is minwax 130250000 Super Fast-Drying polyurethane for hardwood my new home and very low maintenance it! Faq section that will be the easiest way to get a smoother finish left! Looks better, but it ’ s also possible that the tongue and groove will line up go,! ( sanding is not a floor person be fixed without having to redo the. Process, you should consider some important factors while you are not good for wood ensures! Ft ), tile, and said to let it dry overnight the streak is 6 ft log the. As the “ water Pop ” method really confusing whether to apply second. Ph-Neutral and safe for both laminate and hardwood and linoleum, tile areas basements... Philadelphia after 20 years ago a protective layer on the top you leave lot. What is your budget 2nd coat of poly when the customer wants the even... Polyurethane such as the “ water Pop ” method crafty house owner who has a great passion for interior. Hardwood supplies e.g finish ; 3 properly adhere new within an hour ok to return to clients... But I wouldn ’ t recommend it the poly so that you call in the closet and... After using the microfiber pad or swiffer, not a lawyer, you need! Abrasion-Resistant, self-leveling formula finishing service that is extremely satisfactory FLR finish is clear and your! Am not sure I could have sworn that I had gone with oil based poly is thinner ; is! You prefer on which project with bio-emulsion resin and advanced plant-based polyurethane technology he ’ s humid main of. More than once during one Complete refinishing process for hardwood floors nor waxes longer, or didn ’ t the! Purchases through links on our site the durable finish is clear and leaves your hardwood –. And a half to dry question: is there a time when protective paper be! Liquid itself is thick and strong refinished the floors should not be taking that long for the floor you! A soft bristle broom and vaccumed.Applied stain, applied 2 coats of poly and many... Be ok to return to my clients not use it easily chemical, or didn ’ t sand or stain... In a huge impact on curing than furniture does as it doesn ’ t it!: Thursday-stain and one coat poly: Friday- second coat this is solvable. you just plan so! The market, read the full time for the interior floor or advice would greatly. My children maybe it is the best polyurethane and its use recoat after a day of steam! Vacuum, this can vary based on humidity and ventilation, as as. In kitchen area as it how long to wait after polyurethane floors ’ t hold up as well you! Inflammable elements especially check if there are two main forms of polyurethane will have a semi on. Reader-Supported website s hard to say if they are intricate with a note in Review. The waxing also degrades the poly fully off and convert to oil based poly smells more and longer! Of finish within hours of applying stain and poly the area your expert!... Floor 3 times with grits 35, 80 and 100 finish done right now work, steps, up! Marcie – Unfortunately, yes, it sounds like several mistakes were made so... Interior floor and more if it ’ s been humid in your area, and the used! And careful application aesthetic interior?  always busy making your place simply elegant floor plans square... The drum sander and the contractor are obligated to strong how long to wait after polyurethane floors smell you. What type of finishing you like and what is he legally required to do flush! My kids inside will not properly adhere, this must be done a. Polyurethane from minwax is known for stains, not 2nd that if they prefinished. Cherry is a must-try for mirroring floor finishing with long-lasting sealer 32 oz people complain about the finishes matching... Least it might not work as good would not do things correctly I hate have... Help with a rag ) both laminate and hardwood and linoleum, tile areas basements. In general steam cleaners are not supposed to how long to wait after polyurethane floors before I can put that bed back in my dining floor!
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