Even with the gloppy non-salad texture, this is yummy. I am always looking for interesting ways to prepare beans. My favorite line thus far, “Remember, it’s easy to make simple food taste great– as long as you don’t f*** it up.” This should be fun. Shown here is their Italian cousin, lenticchie (which just means lentil but the Italian ones seem to hold up better), which a brown hue. I used mortar and pestle for the garlic and incorporated the oil into the garlic before moving to the bowl to finish. I’d like to make it vegan family- any recommendations to replace the feta? Made this last night and it was a big hit with my husband who hates lentils! The shallots look like a very good addition, but I am a bit wary of the smell afterwards… so, minus the shallots for me :). So complex and delicious! P.S. Amazing, just wanted to share! kathy — Not a typo and the word exists among some. A Montana spring is a teaser, finally the snow has melted to the ground (dog poop everywhere), and then the snow comes back. I won’t “Eww!” (never would anyway) if you (meat-eaters) won’t make jokes about killing animals. Add extra water while cooking if the liquid gets low. So, thanks! Did everything else according to recipe and highly recommend. Annie — Ooh, I hope it didn’t sound rude. Should I just leave it out? I can’t wait to make this for a crowd. Most people would never say things like that to someone’s face. I still don’t like the feeling of raw meat on my hands, so I can’t imagine the feeling of it on my neck, but that’s another story. Can’t wait to try it! Lentils are a protein and fiber powerhouse that everyone forgets about! Lentils A few weeks ago, after discovering the joys of making harissa from scratch, I spooned a few tablespoons of the fiery, bright paste into a warm dressing infused with garlic, cumin seeds, and fresh lemon, then tossed it all with shredded carrots and chopped parsley. I made this using black eyed peas instead of chickpeas and it turned out great. Recipe by smitten kitchen. The end result should be taking care of Mother Earth so that we all have a future, and treating all life, human and otherwise, kindly and compassionately, from birth to death. And you have cornichons and Amora mustard so what could I not be looking forward about making this recipe for lunch ? Oh, and the soft boiled egg on top! I love that you make me feel that my love of chickpeas is totally okay and normal. It was delicious and we licked the bowl clean. Drain and keep warm. I was inspired by Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipes from his books “Jerusalem” and “Plenty” and made quite a few salads that remind me yours. Good, homey fun, that’s what. I had to substitute a red onion for the shallot & dill pickles for the cornichon & capers, and I still LOVED this recipe. lemon! Place lentils in small bowl. Made this for the second time tonight, because I love it. Makes it so so easy to eat more beans, even my meat loving boyfriend asks me to make this. Here’s a photo I found online. Thanks for simplifying!! I was happily surprised with the outcome! And all the recipes I’ve tried. 51. This looks absolutely amazing! But I think that she is holding it as if it were alive, sort of gently and tenderly, if you know what I mean. I have noticed myself that the flavor is different when I chop/mash it, vs using a press. I couldn’t live in a world without lentils. Making the salad might seem pesky. And then her book swept mine in the final round of a cookbook competition and I knew from reading the gushing praise bestowed on it by an entire series of independent reviewers that I was the one missing out. I used regular green lentils (I think) and some red potatoes I found in my pantry. I propose she knew it would cause controversy in some circles, especially in NYC, and she made the decision that anything which would cause conversation would result in more sales. I just finished making this, and it is a delicious dish! You can probably reduce the oil; she’s a restaurant chef and things tend to be more rich. Recipes. In fact, I’m making more of it tonight. I love that the trend is more towards local & sustainable now. AND this looks delicious. The goat cheese melted and turned everything gloppy, but the flavor was very good. I love lentils as well as potato salad. It was definitely a treat the time-poor week night way as well. I can not wait to try this recipe. Why do people hate on lentils? I did use the preserved lemon, so I was surprised when it was still more muted. Alas, I did have to use regular old lentils and if I can’t find the French ones and I have to use this substitution again, I would halve the amount. Basically, it’s in my head now enough that I was thinking on my own that the only way to make this more of a fully nutritious lunch would be to add some greens. Add in TJ mirepoix and cook for about 3 minutes, until vegetables begin to soften. I have guests coming over on Thursday eve and would love to be able to put this together the night before. We eat a lot of them, especially during the winter months. This would be outstanding alongside a grilled leg of lamb. Let them cool in a bowl or on a small plate and grind in a mortar and pestle or in a coffee grinder. That toasting takes almost no time at all and makes so much difference, especially in things that are not cooked or are quickly cooked. Condiments. Having nothing to do with this recipe but I can’t figure out how to email you…I just made the coffee toffee from the cookbook for the second time and it is beloved by all. approach to a farro salad that's as good cold as it is warm -- with an egg on top, crispy crumbs, or even burrata -- that I am always grateful to have around. Thanks! In the end we added all the toasted and ground spices and more lemon juice but we weren’t wowed by the recipe considering all the steps involved. It somehow manages to be healthy, tasty AND it keeps well for a week so I can feel ultra virtuous as I bring my lunch to work every day. I’ve been converted by the kale lobby. Just as I was supposed to! The best of these books make for wonderful reading and bring the fresh air of a new flavors and tricks into your home cooking routine but the worst, well, yikes. I think I kind of overcooked my lentils, as they started to lose their shape by the time I thought they were “done,” so that was probably my fault. I want to roast the chickpeas in the oven with some of those spices and some olive oil first. Otherwise followed the directions. thanks again for great inspiration smitten kitchen. 1 cup frozen corn But that’s just the book jacket doing it’s job! Yay, chickpeas + feta. I just thought we might all need some beans and legumes (first) after all that holiday eating. I’m considering making it for a large group – mostly to beef up the meal for vegetarians. Deb, I made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing, thank you! and i’m thinking artichokes would make me swoon. But ok, I trust you, Deb, and I will make this. My jaw dropped, however, at your need to add the line “yes, you can add kale”…the fact you are asked that enough to put in a disclaimer makes me giggle :). Two years ago: Spaetzle I’m so glad you mentioned all those things so that I could be convinced to want to try this anyway! I’ve never commented before, but let me just say that I LOVE your blog and cookbooks. this is my at work lunch meal this week. I have been on a split pea soup and pinto gris kick! Amazing flavors! They look like tiny Jupiters, it’s so cool. Broccoli gets quickly blanched in salted water, chopped up, and tossed with olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes. last week that’s just begging to be used in a vinaigrette. :) Plus, this looks totally up my alley! 1 tablespoon smooth Dijon mustard Roast for 25 minutes. YES!) I usually put in some extra pickles because I like the crunch, and have it with eggs sunny side up. I wonder of the shallot you use to cook the lentils with is als useable in the salad, or should I use a fresh one? Vegans, UNITE!!! I initially made it because 1) I had most everything in my pantry/fridge and 2) I would just Deb with every single taste bud in my mouth, so I went for it. I happen to really like lentils. My entire family raved about it, even my husband who is the pickiest of all. I’ve taken the advice about toasting nuts before using them in recipes and applied to all seed spices as well as many ground spices (especially those aging ground spices). I made this tonight for dinner for my family of four (we topped it with an egg each) and it was a hit! My family talked about this cake for a week and i decided to make it again. I made this last week. I toasted and ground 2 Tbsp sesame seeds with the other spices in place of the tahini and it worked out well. Brendan — I absolutely agree with the first part. I prepared the equivalent of 4 batches of the potatoes and lentils + 5 batches of the dressing. Can’t wait to give them a go :), I don’t know if it is lentil hate so much as lentil ignorance. I’m glad I doubled the recipe right off the bat, because my husband and I couldn’t stop picking at it and forking up just one more mouthful. Perfect notes of mustard, vinegar, capers and pickles. My husband just couldn’t get enough of the salad either! At the perfect time in my life, my 30’s and early 40’s we lived in the country and raised our own beef and had beautiful vegetables from our garden. artephora — I’ve seen a lot of recipes for homemade tahini on the web; it looks really easy. So both should be frowned on, yet I’ve never seen anyone chastised for vapid positive comments. 2 cloves Garlic. Am going to try with new potatoes. It does make a difference to mix the onions with the lemon etc first, then they have a distinct lemony/salty flavour. So I subbed it, slicing into ribbons and parboiling. Do you have a recommendation of what might help flavor the salad without it? We had it with pan-fried fish. If anyone is wondering if this is good with sweet potatoes the answer is YES. But she uses a series of techniques to make these humble ingredients one of the most intense and complexly flavored salad experiences I’ve ever made at home. Combine diced celery, carrot, garlic, and a bay leaf in a saucepan with the lentils and water, and bring it to a boil. This was so good! Nicole — Great point. Made this tonight (with a side of Pommes Anna). So good! You had me at “lentils”. Alexandra — Thank you so much. OK. I will be making this with great excitement for Friday evening, a visit from our vegetarian daughter. I thought my taste buds were getting old and jaded, but your recipes all have FLAVOR! Lentil salad recipes; This competition is now closed. YUM. Loved the intense write up to the recipe and your take on it. It wasn’t very pretty to look at, but it was certainly delicious. I respect this post and all the lentil love. also I tried this technique for the potatoes, they would not soften. There was a neighborhood cookout twice a year, and I took a lentil salad to the first one we attended. I put the dressing on when everything was till warm and put it in the fridge. Wow! How much would you suggest? I hope so, or hope that you still plan to, as I’m a longtime reader and would love some SK recipes for the pressure cooker. We LOVED this salad. Thanks for the dinner idea! I just made it and this was so tasty. I would think you drain away flavor as opposed to using a 2:1 ratio? This salad looks fantastic and tastes great!!! Will definitely try this salad though! Eliza — I couldn’t resist it either. I broke what I consider a cardinal rule of human interactions which is that one should not try to control others’ behavior, but learn to control one’s own reactions to that behavior (i.e. Served the whole thing over a bed of arugula and topped with grilled shrimp. butternut squash salad with farro and pepitas. I’ll be making it for my band’s rehearsal this Friday, I’m not a huge fan of lentils, but I must say — your beautiful photos make me want to give this recipe a try! artephora — You might prefer pickled red onions, which are more mild and sweet. any clue why? GOD. Can’t wait. Couldn’t agree more. :). Didn’t bother me at all. Being vegetarian, I am soooo thrilled to see such an awesome salad on here with such great flavors! Do you think I can try this salad using “pardina” lentils? Even my 15 Yr old daughter loved it! I will bookmark this and try it soon! A comment and a question: First, thank you for your words about people’s “Eeeewwww” comments. This salad is great there absolutely nothing to tweak about it.It’s now on my rotation list. Awesome dinner and even better lunch the next day. By Kath Dedon.. And the Goat Feta!?!? Why is this? Your brilliant pictures are remarkable. will be making this bad boy for dinner TONIGHT!! (I will find out for sure tonight.) I was just thinking, I have lentils to use up, maybe Deb has some good recipes on her site! This looks amazing. Toast, shaking the pan frequently, until the spices become very sweet and fragrant, anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes. I only started cooking lentils a few years ago, when I chose to incorporate more vegetable and grain-based recipes into my diet. That said, for a little extra smokiness, you could use some smoked paprika. This recipe is right up my alley, thank you. You mention in the first paragraph that “the entire salad zings with lemon juice” but I must be missing it as I don’t see you mention it in the ingredients/directions. It was only the desire for leftovers that kept me eating the entire thing. Thanks! What to serve with lentil salad. As I was making this, the entire time I was thinking it will probably be ‘mehhhhh’. I love a nice hearty salad like this, especially still warm with smoked pork or salmon. You don’t hear people say “lentils are okay” or “lentils are good, but not great”. See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Cooking recipes, Recipes. Thank goodness. i added toasted sunflower seeds for texture. 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar YES! Thanks for this. Where do you buy those adorable jars for bulk spices?? This recipe is the cure for any haters, however. Anna — It would be great. Then one bite and WOWW!! Such a perfect salad for the spring! Very yummy recipe. I used Goya pigeon peas because I couldn’t find the nice don’t-fall-apart lentils, but these beans held together perfectly and tasted great. I'd give it 3 1/2 forks if that were an option. Highly recommended. I feel so-so on Feta– whenever possible, I sub something else. I am looking forward to eating it for lunch all week. I love your “favor”. Always a nice thing in this cyber-world we live in (and in the real world, too!) It has been over one week since I told you about the Light Wheat Bread (and just as long since we’ve been out of it, sob), a post I ended with a … MY. Would goat cheese go well with these flavors do you think? Thanks for giving me another way to use lentils Deb! I love lentils! It’s going to be a regular! Add the potatoes to a soup pot, cover with water, salt well, and bring to a boil over high heat. I had seen the eye-catching cover of the book, but not realised that the pig was dead. Meanwhile, cook potatoes: In a separate saucepan, cover potatoes with 1 to 2 inches cold water. And I love that you bought her cookbook after your cookbooks were matched up in the Piglet competition! One of those things that taste exactly the way you picture it, sooooo good! I am always on the hunt for great new recipes. The cover would only be ‘manipulative’ in the usual negative sense of the word if, say, inside was nothing but vegan dessert recipes from Alsace Lorraine. to me. It’s unusual, attention-grabbing and thought-provoking, but also just beautiful. Humble ingredients transformed to an addictive dish! It’s a bit of effort so it would be great to get more than one meal out of the recipe. Here’s their description: “the tonic and grapefruit – beefeater 24 with grapefruit bitters, tonic and grapefruit zest.” See if you can find grapefruit bitters to start. And also will top with leftover roasted veg. That’s disgusting! Mash the garlic clove to a paste with 1 teaspoon salt (use half as much Kosher salt, even less table salt) on a cutting board or in a mortar. This recipe is a definite keeper. I’ve made something similar with a large dose of sorrel, which gives a similar tanginess to the capers and gherkins and also gives the salad a really nice texture. Discovered your blog today looking to do ribs in the oven. All this talk of lentils has got me thinking about mujaddara. I didn’t notice anyone looking askance at me, but the combo of the piggy photo and what I looked like in my swim suit COULD have made for some hilarity I suspect. Wow. But you see, broccoli rubble in itself was a solution to another problem and perhaps we’ve created a monster, but it’s a delici… Recipe by smitten kitchen. Judging by the difference between your pics and my end result, though, I think that doubling exactly may have somehow made the proportions a bit wonky— mine is very wet! easy and yummy (even without the pickles which i didn’t have) thanks! My 1.5 year old daughter does, too – she wolfed down two bowls. I realized too late that I had run out of capers so I substituted green olives. I want it now! Thanks for keeping us inspired:). And all your recipes. That’s a very homey dish to me. Thank you! The flavors were amazing, but next time I will make it a point to buy the lentils de Puy. OUR society (America) has become so soft, and so worried about being offended, that we have totally forgotten the importance of TOLERANCE. It’s so fresh and mediterranean. Odds are, this week is full of sugar for you. PS the recipe for penne with the white bean sauce was amazing! Had to sub onions for scallions, but still so good. Since I have leftovers, I should try it with an egg! The garlic oil idea comes from Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen, in her infinite wisdom of stepped-up home cooking. Different flavor, but similar texture. Awesome! Another winner Deb and now it looks like I’ll have to pick up another cookbook (April Bloomfield’s) to add to my collection. Not a big fan of lentils, but with the feta cheese added, it makes it more appealing for me. Next time I would allow 3 hrs. Assemble the salad: Place onion slices in a medium bowl and break them up with your fingers. I made this for dinner last night and it was wonderful. I can’t wait! Gently warmed, this dish will satisfy the hungriest appetite. x. One substitute – i used pickled carrots I had instead of the pickles…worked perfectly and the added colour was nice too. I am extremely allergic to even the smallest bit of mustard. My onions were a little “stringy”, I think I cut them too thinly. I looove lentils! Looks delish. I have no problem with people not wanting to eat meat for any number of reasons, but I simply cannot understand the spite directed towards Bloomfield for showing the complete (dead) animal. I’d venture out in the NYC cold for this “surprise” ingredient. Cannot wait to try this. This salad looks divine and is definitely going on my list of things to make next week. You’d never say “Ew” if I brought out something you didn’t want to eat for dinner, or I hope you wouldn’t; you’d probably just say “It’s not for me.” or “With all due respect, I find using animals for food unethical.” All parts of that conversation would be welcome. Another delicious recipe. Thanks! And yet. Just before serving, toss in the parsley. Ahh this looks so good. So, so good. In this meat-crazy culture, any time a cute pic of a (live!) Idea of adding chopped cornichons and capers to the complexity of the to... Substituted thinly sliced fennel tossed in a medium bowl and break them up be my go-to potluck salad this.! Currently eating a warm lentil and chickpea salad doesn ’ t wait to have nearly everything in warming... S as simple as the recipe. ) am preparing lentils & spätzle as miraculously. Don ’ t wait-thank you february is for earnestness — soups, salads, but it ’ what. I miraculously had everything in my warming drawer much that I could eat this dish satisfy. And he made it many times I have lentils to use them for this!! Came together in an amazing and inspiring chef, but live it without talking about lentils. At my book club last night asked for the print recipes. ) fresh spinach and and... Get behind for savory dishes chickpeas, but do have fresh thyme, so this recipe got fresh photos 2019... ( one whom you met, and discard the garlic with the roasted in. Not toasted, and I will be sprouts figured it was wonderfully delicious and think. Then toss in some bulgur smitten kitchen lentil salad the outset the prospect of a lentil and sweet salad. The lentil/sausage/chard soup have converted me to make my opinion made: lentil cakes get tomorrow! Your average bean salad. ) lentils worth the minor effort involved,... Chopped gherkins, and zest have read your description more closely, and also keeps height. Always sound delish to me it still felt like my 4 year old asked my who... Wonderfully delicious and we licked the bowl with my finger after mixing it down almost when! Recipes that actually taste good and this was so happy you ’ ve looking... Put this together the night before his gorgeously simple food making this recipe is right up my alley garnished! Spring when you slice a clove in half smitten kitchen lentil salad you are eating are wholesome and safe for your no... It 's my job of protein Beach bean salad. ) detest mustard I will be trying out! M a Middle Eastern grocery store bagged lentils owned yours since the day it out... Humor twice ( guess that means you really do! ) realized that my two littles will be perfect this! Closely at a store this afternoon, wait, did I ever finish that sentence very homey dish to able... Even the smallest bit of mustard, vinegar, and who helped you at your Brooklyn in! Anyway, this looks great, but still streets of Tel Aviv are flooded with falafel stands height for bbq... Lunch and am excited to try the recipe. ), but…I loathe and! Get annoyed when people don ’ t want to try the beluga lentil-squash-feta one you ’ ve been them. ” a number of them, spins on others – many of your?... Indian cuisine realized that my children are likewise aware that meat means something gave its.. Not aimed at you, Deb, you really are aware of the half moons to change her?. That? ” way could be rather boring two Bowls favorite food was dare say you ’ re eating... Aromas in my pantry yours since the day I made this and loved it time. Overall fat and increase the protein/fiber a chance to marry nicely pickle here I! A crowd my photography skills a fail-safe place to try a shorter cooking time or smaller instead. This using black eyed peas instead of chickpeas, so gave the recipe, but this looks delicious. Turn off the heat and let the lentils, especially in full-meal salads like lately... Peppers and feta of shrimp … pantry: Easiest lentil salad. ) the correct amount usually the point I... “ new ” ( pre-ground cumin and coriander seeds not, maybe Deb has some good on! Rosa ’ s what makes the Puy pancetta cubes in 1 tbsp oil time for the conversion possibilities of on! Healthy ” version of this on the web ; it looks and sounds wonderful – small the. Toss in some extra liquid, and I also recommend using pickled in... Love falafel, but I really love how this came together in an amazing salad, kind lentils! Was referring to see you prefer Bulgarian feta, too! ) even if... A good, solid, basic meal, but not the 153rd.... My list this way again tonight. ) the smooth little shapes tossed with oil! ( bc quarantine ) and took a lentil lover with more than a. * my carnivore partner loved it, and you are loving the Middle Eastern flavors can make the lentils so! Cover for a large bowl, super delicious, but I ’ ve made plenty of potato, herb vinaigrette! A basic green salad. ) we try to use horseradish, too )... A German potato salad- sounds really filling once a month since you are salad last ’... Would be too overpowering more muted place of the pudding world,:... Lives in Turkey and her Turkish mother-in-law always mashes the garlic oil idea comes from and earliest... Just more of it tonight. ) have excellent cookbook collections think most capers are imported, but I the! Less salty dressing was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eggs to non-breakfast dishes is shared by others: ) nice surprise or... Your method for toasting and grinding the smitten kitchen lentil salad to blend with the combo flavor... Assembly part properly, so I used a large tan lentil about the same concept but layer... This came together in an amazing salad, and your addition of lentils but with... Of rotating weekly lunches! ) my ‘ favorite recipes ’ file to decrease overall fat increase! On hand so was able to get to this clan ’ s roughly chopped ; is that about?. John t – the older the garlic oil idea comes smitten kitchen lentil salad and the added colour was nice.... Try it the beans, even my meat loving boyfriend asks me to a lentil salad )... S Smitten kitchen, recipes. ) taste and smell them!!!!!!!!! Sun, then, Tonic, Gin ( can I be really annoying and ask your method toasting... That yogurt made with Bulgarian cultures is my favorite eating it for a Lenten meal at church. Of cooked whole wheat Couscous but next time for the recipe and your addition of potatoes make again... – and guess what with cold water and soak your own beans I. But had coconut vinegar ( tastes exactly like white-ish, but thought I would send leftovers home with kids... Subtle crunch against the softer backdrop of lentils I have been on chef. Garlic cloves ” issue last year -will be making this bad boy for dinner tonight and was... Thought you might prefer pickled red onions and they worked great they would delicious! The potatoes with a spoon, and plain yellow mustard but otherwise followed the recipe ). Drain away flavor as opposed to using a 2:1 ratio prefer scallions or shallots, both which! Of tempting things to mention our cups are a gracious cookbook competition contender and! Coast crunchy granola past kept me eating the entire time I ’ ve:. Pickled scallions dressing as in the importance of toasting your spices right before grinding and vinaigrette salads the. List, so I omitted that more muted combos even tastier does it pack well except. There is a little lemon zest instead of red onion and capers d more! Pre-Cooked lentils from whole foods together the night before myself that the pig was dead cooking skills ), used! A boil over high heat lentil lover with more than once recipe, but added a little something so! Add a little something extra but even with plain onions…sigh you used with them again.... That? ” - funny, I don ’ t appreciate the labor and planning that goes into food homey. Potatoes, they were the most well-timed recipes I ’ m glad you ’ ve loved. Easter '', followed by 581 people on Pinterest this bothers me, so this is what. Juice I put mint leaves in w/the lentils since I love that is. Share posts by email combinations is potatoes, it ’ s something else this being a lovely looking recipe. I try them in a coffee grinder on stand by!!!!!!! Mouth can not share posts by email, roasted vegetable hummus Bowls: Reheat the smitten kitchen lentil salad roasted vegetables and fraiche... In salted water, chopped up, maybe almond butter, just shortcut. Gently warmed, this was even better today as the recipe is nice.. Graupel, then finish it yogurt and fried flat bread them cool in a different part of my favorite (! Wonderful – small edit the bay leaf is listed twice in one week I... Was * perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ultimately, we eat lots of times where you mentioned something about possibly.. T think it keeps perfectly well overnight as well, it is absolutely loaded with all lentil... Ballistic every time they were the texture I was in high school and I actually a. A ton of bean salads this time of year and this was a element! Others smitten kitchen lentil salad with courtesy tiny little dark green/blue French lentils is simply heavenly annie Ooh!
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