Find cheap deals and discount rates that best fit your budget. Besides being the first European superhighway, it was also the fulcrum of ancient Rome’s military and economic activities; it helped in easy transportation of military troops. Be trendy, go on the Appian Way. The Appian Way or Via Appia Antica in Rome is ancient road that was built in 312 B.C. As mentioned, the road soon reaches the gate of St. Sebastian of the the Aurelian Walls, encircling the historical centre. The Appian Way was truly momentous for the Roman Empire. The Appian Way or Via Appia Antica in Rome is one of the most famous ancient roads. It allows archaeological excursions, and also nearby golf, biking, and tennis. It was in fact the first paved street of humanity, after the work of consul Appius Claudius in 312 BC, from which it takes the name. Zealous Roman Christians hear about Paul's arrival on the mainland and travel a significant distance on the Way to meet him (Acts 28:13 - 15). The, Want an expert guided tour covering the most terrific ancient sites of the Eternal City, including the Via Appia Antica? One mile after you find the Circus of Maxentius, the Mauseoleum and the house of Romulus (the founder of Rome), and just after it, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, daughter of a Roman patrician family. The first 8 miles, starting from the Gate of Saint Sebastian, is surrounded by Roman countryside. The Ancient Romans called it “regina viarum”, Appian Way was the first paved public road built by the consul Appius Claudius Ciecus in the year 312 B C. It’s undoubtedly the best preserved Ancient Roman road. The road was paved until the first town south of Rome, called Bovillae, where from the Gens Julia, the family clan of Julius Caesar originated. Catacombs, mausoleums, tombs and even fragments of ancient villas skirt the Appian Way. Caracalla was emperor Septimius Severus' son. Appia Park Apartment gets some rave reviews. The Appii Forum or Market of Appius was a town on the Appian Way about 55 miles from Rome. A leisure stroll along the Appian Way is highly recommended. The Catacombs of San Callisto is the most revered and significant of all the Christian Catacombs followed by the Catacombs of San Sebastiano and Santa Domitilla. It borders the Palatine and the Circus Maximus, and also Caracalla's Baths, reaching the imposing gate of St. Sebastian. Some companies offer walking tours, but others will make things easier with bicycles, e-bikes or Vespas. The Appian Way, Rome Overview This is one of the most important roadways in Western history and also forms the basis for the proverb "All roads lead to Rome!" All roads lead to Rome, but only the Appian Way or Via Appia was also called Via Sacra (Sacred Way), and dubbed Regina Viarum (Queen of Roads). It looks even more spectacular and surreal in spring: the mellow sunshine, the clear blue skies and the chirping of birds create a serene setting. The Appian Way often gets overlooked by visitors to Rome. Right: the Tomb of Cecilia Metella and the adjoining convent, currently a museum. It was the city’s gateway to the East that connected Rome with Capua. It was built in 312 B.C. Built in the 3rd century BC, it was called the Queen of Roads, for its length, age and almost perfectly straight path. From the city, he goes to the Appian road to travel the remaining distance to Rome. Check out our, Discovering Secrets from Past in the Neighbourhood of The Colosseum, 3 Nifty Tips to Read before Visiting the Colosseum in Rome, Frequent Visitors Must Indulge in These Activities in Rome, 3 Must-Visit Historical Attractions in Rome 2018. by Appius Claudius Caecus. Built in honour of the daughter-in-law of Marcus Licinius Crassus, Rome’s richest man, the tomb was later converted into the fortress that you see today. Save on popular hotels near Ancient Appian Way, Rome: Browse Expedia's selection of 369 hotels and places to stay closest to Ancient Appian Way. Surprisingly, Via Appia is the most well-preserved historic site in modern Rome. The first walls of Rome were the Servian, built by the king Tullius Servus. It was here that the medieval Christians preferred burying their dead. Besides tombs, the Via Appia is lined by numerous monuments that are surviving testament to glorious ancient times. Want an expert guided tour covering the most terrific ancient sites of the Eternal City, including the Via Appia Antica? The springtime in Rome is magical. length. Appian Way & Tour. The Appian Way. Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Roman Countryside Electric Bike Tour. Book now & save with no cancellation fee. It was here that the medieval Christians preferred burying their dead. The, While tombs and monuments of ancient aristocratic families adorn the great Roman highway, 300km-long tunnels – commonly known as catacombs – run underneath the Appian Way. Flanked by lush greenery, Roman ruins, and umbrella pines, Via Appia Antica is one of the most atmospheric thoroughfares in Rome. The sumptous name did not originate out of coincidence. UK +44.020.3239.6377 when he feared that he would meet his caputre and death in Rome. Sights and monuments of the Appian Way (this page), Ancient Appian Way - Appia Antica (this page). Left: the imposing Aurelian walls, encircling all the historical centre of Rome. The Appian Way is famous for its imposing funerary monuments, and for the statues which flank it. The Appian Way was so important for the Ancient Rome, that it was called "the queen of the long roads": the way to the main waterfronts, the military and the trade rout. On our Appian Way Tour you’ll take a spectacular walk through the most important road of ancient Rome, nowadays part of the largest natural-archaeological park in Italy!. A must-do for nature and history lovers alike! Strategically important, it intimidated foes and friends alike since it meant that Roman legionnaires could mobilize and move out quickly. It also host 12 persons in 6 suites. Part of them can still be seen near the Termini train station. Biking| The Appian Way . (37-58 AD) arriving in Rome, Trevi Fountain-Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna). Nearby archaeological excursions, golf, biking, and tennis. It was called the “Regina Viarum”, or “queen of roads” and was the reason for the famous saying “all roads lead to Rome”. On this three hour small group guided tour in Rome, on foot and by panoramic bus, you will attain over the ancient walls of Rome, walk through the ancient tunnels of the Roman catacombs, travel along the Appian Way and pass through the arches of the aqueduct.. A walking tour to visit the Roman Catacombs The Roman Catacombs were built nearly 2,000 years ago as tombs for the Christians. The Appian Way was crucial for Rome' s advancement into the Samnite territories. Visit Rome | Rome panoramic views | Rome apartments and villas | Inquire | Rome travel guide | Rome map | Service | Resources. The road begins at Capitol Hill. Once the entrance road to the center of the Roman Empire, now a lush green area far away from the traffic and tourists of Rome. Find the travel option that best suits you. Appian Way Regional Park.
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