Typically full-time is 4-5 classes which equal 12-15 credit hours in a semester. The student will not be able to make any changes to their student account until they meet with an advisor. Date; Classes Begin: Monday, Aug. 10: First Short Session: Monday, Aug. 10 - Friday, Oct. 9: Central Piedmont Closed: Saturday, Aug. 22 - Friday, Aug. 28: Labor Day Holiday: Monday, Sept. 7: Fall Break: Monday, Oct. 12 - Tuesday, Oct. 13: Second Short Session: Wednesday, Oct. 14 - Friday, Dec. 11: Thanksgiving Holiday: Thursday, Nov. 26 - Sunday, Nov. 29: Semester Ends ... 2020-2021 Catalog 2020-2021 Catalog: Thank you for your interest in Pikes Peak Community College. This procedure is intended to be informational and helpful, but also establishes clear standards of credit completion progress that must be met and maintained in order to be a successful student in our colleges. Click Submit Changes. Fall 2020 - Registered after July 15, 2020: July 15, 2020: September 2, 2020: October 19, 2020 Oct 27. The transcript request form and costs can be found online at www.ppcc.edu/records/request-transcripts. Winter 2021: Credit Classes for Winter 2021, Non-Credit Classes for Winter 2021. Initial Standing Students seeking to conduct such research may not solicit subject participation or begin data collection until they have obtained clearance by the PPCC IRB. Registration typically opens in March/April for Summer and Fall and October/November for Spring. When you have questions related to academic/class-related issues and especially prior to each registration. Usually colleges give one credit hour for each hour of class time during the week. Certain programs do not accept older courses. Withdrawing from a course after the drop date does not entitle you to a refund. Students must have prior approval by the appropriate division dean for each course unless the course is only offered with the S/U option. Find your class Drop/Withdrawal dates through the myPPCC portal under the Student Tab and in the Registration Tools box through the Detailed Student Schedule and the Add or Drop Classes link. You may drop a class online or come in to any Enrollment Services Office. This “Z” grade is replaced and credit is awarded upon the Registrar’s receipt of the grade. The Credit Completion Progress status of a student is specific to the home institution and does not impact a student’s enrollment at other CCCS colleges. Pikes Peak Community College is an accredited college in Colorado Springs. Students on Warning 3 will receive a communication regarding their credit completion status and will have a credit completion hold (which will impact registration) placed on their student account at their home college. If you are in the Undeclared or Non-Degree Seeking status you will see a Pathways Advisor first and will not be eligible for Financial Aid and then complete the Change of Major form online or in the Advising offices. 12 WEEK 20/F12. Students who qualify will receive a notation for that term on their official transcripts. Students need to apply for graduation by the published deadlines. Website: www.wes.org, Josef Silny & Associates Apr 27. Stop by any Advising office on any campus to ask for an appointment, sign in during their walk-in hours, contact them by their e-mail or by writing to advising@ppcc.edu. This procedure is intended to be informational and helpful, but also establishes clear standards of academic progress that must be met and maintained in order to be a successful student in our colleges. PPCC provides an opportunity for students to be recognized with Academic Honors, on a term-by-term basis. The instructor will determine whether the student has a reasonable chance of satisfactorily completing the remaining course activities in a timely manner. Withdraw Date: August 5: Classes End: 1st Bi-semester [BI1] May 28: Last Day to Register: May 29: Classes Begin: ... Fall 2018 [201920] Important Dates. Credit will be transferred only from an official transcript from the originating institution. For such programs, students will be allowed to take all necessary courses. Some degree/career paths are not perfectly reflected in Degree Check. To participate, you must be eligible for graduation and must submit an Application for Graduation online by the deadline. The last day to file an Academic Suspension Appeal is always the Friday just prior to the last week of registration before each semester. A maximum of 30 credits failed at PPCC may be removed from the GPA calculation. Departments may require specific documentation. These determine your placement for English, Reading and Math. The form can be found at www.ppcc.edu/records/change-of-major. Fall session ends. A PPCC student ID does not expire. Students on Warning 1 will receive a communication regarding their credit completion status and will be given information on resources, best practices, etc. Mar 8. At the conclusion of each semester students will receive their grades and be notified by the Registrar regarding their Academic Standing. An Incomplete (I) grade may be removed when the remaining class objectives are completed by the date indicated on the “Incomplete Course Agreement” form or no later than the end of the next full 15-week semester. Locate more contact information through the Campus Directory under the Welcome tab in the myPPCC portal. If you are eligible, join us for this festive celebration of your success! Attn: Records Office, Box C-8 Degrees and certificates will be granted during the semester in which the final requirements are completed. In the event that a student and instructor cannot reach resolution concerning an Incomplete, then the student should contact the Chief Instructional Officer of the College. The credit completion rate for this procedure will not necessarily match those used for financial aid purposes or athletic eligibility. You may order an official transcript through the myPPCC portal and under the Student tab and in the Registration Tools box. Note: Degree Check is an unofficial guide. If no resolution. Deadline 5:00 p.m. Students in good academic standing can withdraw from a course online through the web registration system or at the Registrar’s Office located in Armitage Hall. ... Last Day to Withdraw w/Faculty Permission. Sept 9. The course will count in attempted credits, but will not carry earned credits. Pikes Peak Community College is an accredited college in Colorado Springs. 7A 20/F7A. NOTE: Courses with a grade of D or F are not generally transferable and will not transfer to other institutions under GT Pathways or the 60+60 Bachelor’s Degree Transfer program. Incomplete Grade Contract must include the following information: Students are encouraged to let instructors know, as soon as possible, if they are having difficulties with any part of the course. FALL SESSION 2020. Graduation honors recognize outstanding academic achievement throughout a student’s academic career. This “withdrawal” grade is assigned by the College when a student has been withdrawn for administrative reasons. We are all having to be still in … Fall – Late Start Courses (10-week) – Last Day to Withdraw – 11/29/2021 Fall – Late Start Courses (10-week) – Last Day of Class – 12/11/2021 Spring Semester Audited courses do not meet the credit hour requirements for financial aid or veteran benefits and may not be applied to certificates or degrees. Only college level courses completed will be included in the GPA calculation. This decision will be final. There you will receive important dates and deadlines as well as application, degree and academic program information. The Dean will also submit all written documentation and recommendations. Students may also request to have the evaluation sent directly to: Pikes Peak Community College Course work not completed within the allotted time will be assigned a Failing (F) grade. All Academic Dates Course loads of up to 21 hours can be approved by an academic advisor in Advising & Testing provided the student has a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. Certain career and technical programs approved by the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education may require students to take up to 24 credit hours per semester. These grades are not included in the GPA calculation. Nor can your application be made: before week six, you can withdraw on goSFU – see Academic Deadlines. Contact your Program Advisor in the Advising office and request a change or e-mail advising@ppcc.edu. Here is a helpful link to their website: www.ppcc.edu/advising Students applying for a Fresh Start are responsible for investigating the potential impact of a Fresh Start on transfer admission, financial aid, VA, and other agencies and organizations. Extended hours are offered Monday and Tuesdays until 6:00 p.m. and during registration for each semester. It also entitles you to free or reduced admission to student plays, dances, and other activities. Contact the Records Office for more information. We offer many different degree and certificate choices from many professional and academic programs. If you did not select a course of study when you applied to PPCC or you want to change it, complete the Change of Major form online or in the Advising offices. Recognizing the value of credit completion for all students with regards to retention, transfer and credential attainment, the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) has established the following practice and procedures for measuring and notifying students of their credit completion progress. August 3, 2020 - October 2, 2020. Regional accreditation is indicated by a geographic designation under the Higher Learning Commission. All Academic Dates Those program-level outcomes are generally driven by field competencies and industry standards. If necessary, a new Program and Faculty Advisor will be assigned to you when this is submitted. At a maximum, students may appeal to their home college and to one other CCCS College of their choice. Assessment of student learning in Career and Technical Education degree programs focuses on the skills and knowledge that employers consider are most important to workplace success. Arts, Business and Hospitality, Health Sciences, Public and Human Services and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Applied Sciences. The withdraw deadline depends on how long your class is. Applications for Academic Fresh Start must be submitted no later than the end of the semester following the successful return semester. If the student’s suspension appeal is not approved, the student may be dropped from all courses registered for in upcoming terms at their home college. A grade of “W” will not affect your cumulative GPA. See your program advisor for more information. The course will count in attempted credits, but will not carry earned credits or quality points. Students on academic probation need to meet with their advisor in order to withdraw from a course. You can see in the Catalog the number of credit hours for each course and they are listed on the schedule. We'll help you determine the correct course of study and explore options if you wish to transfer to a four year college or university. Warning 3 Transferability of credit is based on the following conditions: Students who have credits they wish to transfer to PPCC that can replace a substandard grade earned at PPCC must see an advisor to initiate that request. You may also visit Retention Services, the Learning Assistance Center or speak with an advisor in the Advising Office. Academic Fresh Start allows for a onetime exclusion of failed credits (grades of D, F, or U) from the calculation of the grade point average. For students who have attempted fewer than 9 credit hours, the college will monitor credit completion through an Alert process. Pursuit of scholarly work and research often involves the use of human subjects for data collection and analysis. Email: eval@ece.org, World Education Services A third suspension is for two full years, or 4 academic terms excluding summers. Student work load for a course should be estimated according to the following formula: two hours of outside preparation for every one hour of lecture and one hour of outside preparation for every two to three hours of laboratory. Fall 2020: Credit Classes for Fall 2020, Non-Credit Classes for Fall 2020. Upon re-enrolling, student successfully completes a minimum of 6 credit hours with a term GPA of 2.00 or better. Not all credits will transfer. Withdraw Date: August 4: Classes End: 1st Bi-semester [BI1] May 27: Last Day to Register: May 28: Classes Begin: ... Spring 2020 [202030] Important Dates. What, when and how assignments and tests will be submitted to complete the course. May 28, 2020 A student's enrollment as of this date is what will determine final Pell Grant award. Prior to changing their major, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in the Advising & Testing office and the Financial Aid Office to discuss the impact changing a course of study will have on an educational plan. First speak with your instructor about the concerns or difficulties. Always consult with your Program and Faculty advisors to assure you are taking the correct courses. Students are ultimately responsible for their enrollment and need to check their enrollment schedule for accuracy. This option must be requested at the time of registration. 18 credit hours. The Incomplete grade is a temporary grade and is designed for students who, because of documented illness or circumstances beyond their control, are unable to complete their course work within the semester, but have completed a majority of the course work (defined as at least 75 percent of all course assignments and tests) in a satisfactory manner (grade C or better). 21WT . It may range from 0.0 to 4.0 Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades are not factored in the student’s GPA. If this condition is met, the student returns to Good Standing. We provide new PPCC students and prospective students with an on-campus resource of academic advice and support, degree and course planning and registration assistance. Credit Completion Progress status will be maintained in the student information system. Good Standing If you have already been assigned a Program Advisor, you can find their name listed in the Navigate Resources tab as your Primary Advisor. The instructor will complete and sign an Incomplete Grade Contract and will submit it to Student Services with final grades for the semester. You choose a certificate or degree program based on your career and/or educational goals. The resulting change of grade is made by the instructor of record and is approved by the appropriate instructional division dean. www.ppcc.edu/academics/records/graduation/, Acalog™ Academic Catalog Management System™ (ACMS™), Satisfactory (A-level) work in a developmental course, Satisfactory (B-level) work in a developmental course, Satisfactory (C-level) work in a developmental course, Unsatisfactory (D-level) work in a developmental course, Unsatisfactory (F-level) work in a developmental course, Credit awarded through Credit for Prior Learning (Prior to Fall 2015), Prior Learning Assessment (Effective Fall 2015). Encouragement for students to be proactive in their course selection. This includes summer term courses. PPCC has partnered with Parchment to manage the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of official student transcripts. You may also need to talk with your Program Advisor if you are on academic probation or need to do a Financial Aid appeal. A withdrawal can only be processed during the first 80 percent of the course. Drop in to Advising for score interpretation. CRJ210 – Constitutional LawCredits: 3 Credits: 3 Focuses on the powers of government as they are allocated and defined by the United States Constitution. Students on Warning 2 will receive a communication regarding their credit completion status and will have a credit completion hold (which will impact registration) placed on their student account at their home college. Faculty are required to provide the last date of attendance for each student who is awarded an F or U/F grade. A Faculty Advisor is an expert instructor in their program and helps students understand the requirements and timetable that each student must meet including course work, academic standards, how to graduate and transferring to other colleges or universities. If no resolution is reached or satisfactory explanation given, then: Review by department chair. If no resolution: The student must state the concern in writing and meet with the Department Chair (in the case of an adjunct instructor) or Dean / Associate Dean (in the case of a faculty member). It is highly recommended that you make contact via appointment, e-mail or phone call prior to each registration. You may find instructions in the PDF version of the Class Schedule online or you can find How to Register for Classes on the Advising Resources web page. These are satisfactory grades awarded only for developmental courses. A minimum number of 45 credits taken at PPCC is required to be eligible for graduation honors. Students placed on probation or suspended will be notified of their status. Recommended Financial Aid File Completion Date. 5675 S. Academy Blvd. If the student would have earned a letter grade higher than an F without completing the work, faculty should be encouraged to submit that higher grade before the automatic conversion to F. The satisfactory grade is equivalent to a grade of “C or better.” The course will count in attempted and earned credits, but will not carry quality points. Find Financial Aid policies through the Student Finance tab. Students who plan to study a program at PPCC similar to what they studied at their former international institution, might be able to transfer some credits from that program to their new program at PPCC. May 12-18. Students who are on Financial Aid will continue to have all hours that they have attempted, to include original grades earned, taken into consideration for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress as required by statutes and regulatory requirements. Advisors are available during regular business hours at any PPCC campus. Pikes Peak Community College considers a grade of C or better to be satisfactory. The three levels of recognition are defined as follows and will be posted on the student’s transcript. This collaborative multi-discipline project combines dance, theatre, music and visual arts. We also provide career counseling through appointments, assessments and job placement training. Credit Completion Progress standards shall be applied consistently and uniformly within each CCCS institution. 15 WEEK 20/FA. All degree requirements must be met before a degree is awarded. You can set up long-term plans in both Navigate and Degree Check with them and adjust those as necessary throughout your time at PPCC. 7B 20/F7B. 1 credit = approximately 1 classroom “contact” hour, For every 1 hour of class there will be 1.5-2 hours of. A complete list of approved NACES members can be found at www.naces.org. Labor Day* Sept 7 . Designates a practice for measuring and notifying students of their credit completion rate. Pikes Peak Community College is an accredited college in Colorado Springs. Students must indicate intent to audit a course at registration or by the deadline listed in the course schedule. Documentation of official TDY assignment is required and must be approved by the Chief Instructional Officer. Warning 1 Please contact the appropriate division. College credits must have been earned within 15 years prior to admission to PPCC. For example, MAT 121 (College Algebra) is a 4 credit course. Once granted, an Academic Fresh Start is not reversible. Students may appeal their suspension based on procedures developed by their home college or the CCCS college they wish to attend. When students have verified that they are close to graduating, they must file an application for graduation. Note: Always consult with Financial Aid, Veterans Affairs or Active-Duty Military advisors before you drop classes. Recognizing the value of measuring academic progress for all students, the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) has established the following practice and procedures for measuring and notifying students of their academic standing. Choose Withdraw from the drop-down menu. Website: www.jsilny.com. Credit Completion Progress: Will include all credit bearing classes (developmental and college level) will be used to calculate the percent of attempted credits passed. A course may be used only once to meet graduation requirements for any degree or program. Student has completed at least 9 cumulative credit hours and has a CGPA => 2.00 for all classes completed. Assessment is the ongoing process of establishing measurable learning outcomes, providing students with sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes, systematically gathering evidence of student learning, and using the resulting findings to confirm and improve student learning. The application for graduation and deadlines can be found at www.ppcc.edu/academics/records/graduation/. The last day to drop/withdraw from fall full term courses without failure … Summer 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2021 Spring 2021; Grants and Loans: Jul 3: Oct 2: Jan 15: Apr 9: Direct Loan, 1st-time borrower Disbursement for 1st-time borrowers is delayed 30 days. PHI218 – Environmental Ethics: GT-AH3Credits: 3 Credits: 3 Critically analyzes theories of value of the natural world. It is always best to schedule appointments before these busy times! This symbol is limited to certain approved courses that extend beyond the end of a normal semester.

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